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Welcome to the Old Donation School PTA Grant Application for the 2023-24 school year!   Please note that the deadline this year has been extended to November 11, 2023 to provide extra time to complete the application during this busy season.  Thank you for your dedication to our students and for sharing your creative ideas through the PTA Grants Program.  We are excited that our PTA is able to support our teachers and students with $2500 in funding for the Grants Program.  We will disperse the full amount during this cycle so that you can see your ideas come to life in the classroom during the school year.  We encourage you to apply and to share your innovative ideas with us!  

Grant Application Details

A PTA Grant is a one-time gift that is used to enhance the educational, cultural, and social experiences of our students.  The funds are provided by the PTA to implement innovative ideas submitted to the grant committee by teachers and staff (either as individuals or a group).  The PTA Grant committee evaluates the applications in four major areas: 1) Innovation; 2) Enhancing Gifted Education; 3) Student Population Served and 4) Bonus for creativity, fun factor, seeking outside funding.   

There is no maximum amount per project (within our budget) and you can combine a PTA grant with other sources of funding.  In some cases, grants may be partially funded, so if that is an option for your project, please let us know in your application.  You may also reapply if we were unable to fund your project in a previous year.


If your project will require assistance/approval from another department within the school or school system, please check with that department prior to submitting your grant application.    

*The deadline for applications is November 11, 2023.*


The committee will carefully review each application. Once project awards are determined, we will notify all applicants as soon as possible with a goal of Thanksgiving Break 2023.  The PTA pays vendors directly or through the PTA Amazon account.  We will work with each award recipient directly to ensure timely funding of their project.

Please contact Natalie Petsu, Grant Committee Chair, at with any questions.

PTA Grants Program History


We are very grateful for the generous support of our PTA members who have enabled the PTA Grants Program to continue as a beloved ODS Tradition!  Our past PTA-funded Grants Projects have included:


  • Potato Pirates

  • Pulled: The Art of Screenprinting

  • Button, button...Where'd you get that button? (I made it!)

  • Engineering Design Process and the Power of Mass Production

  • To Print or Not to Print, That is the Question


  • Hanging Out with Literacy Hammocks

  • The Art of Communication (Gifted Visual Arts) - Print Making Supplies

  • The Art of Communication (Middle School Art) - Light box

  • Creative Sounds (Gifted Dance) - Soundtrap Education Software

  • Art Advocacy in Action


  • Through the Lens (Canon Digital Cameras)

  • Confident Keyboarders (Color-Coded Keyboard Covers)

  • Paired Passages for Reading Engagement (Copies of Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson)

  • Virtual Teaching Tool (Monitor) 


Previous Years

·       The Art of Literacy

·       EZ Scan Running Program; STEM in the Gym

·       Chemical Bonding Card Sharks (Strategic Card Game)

·       Depth and Complexity (Kaplan Icon Stamp Sets)

·       Magnifying Scientific Investigation (USB Microscopes)

·       Story Cubes; 3D Modeling

·       "Archetypes in Literature" Multi-cultural Choice Novels

·       Explore Technology

·       Speak Your Mind: The Student Podcasting Challenge

·       How Does Your Garden Grow?

·       Techno-Literacy with MaKey MaKey 

·       Novel idea: building our voice and choice in Spanish novels

·       Bats in Our Belfry

·       Welcome, Spring! Flower Crown Makerspace

·       3D Possibilities

·       Storytelling Like an Anglo-Saxon

·       Art Inspired Planters

·       Earth Day H/PE Celebration 

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