Tracking Your Time

Remember to "Swipe In" to the Timesaver timeclock located on the counter at the security desk every time you help out at school. Choose one of the cards in the cardholder that corresponds with your job/duties that day.  Swipe it like a credit card.  Push the "In" button on the machine.  When you are ready to go home, swipe the card and press "Out".  This allows the Volunteer Coordinator to accurately track all of the many hours our volunteers give to the school.   Have you donated time away from school or after hours and on weekends? Log those hours!!  The picture to the right will take you to the VBCPS webpage where you can log your hours!

Volunteers Needed

Many activities and committees need your help. Take a moment to complete this google form to let us know how you can help us this year.

Please consider helping with the following:

  • Walk & Talk (elementary students get to walk outside after lunch - need chaperones outside)

  • Hospitality Committee (we thank our teachers/staff with breakfasts and lunches throughout the year)

  • 5th grade finale (end-of-the-year bash for our 5th graders)

  • 8th grade semiformal and picnic (help coordinate this great send off!)

  • Shamrock Races (coordinate our runners at the race in March)

  • New to ODS, have a varied schedule, can you do some work from home? Contact us!


Contact the PTA to help make these memorable events happen for the students!

E-mail HERE

Have a suggestion?  We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for contacting the PTA!